We are an experienced team, we will be pleased to arrange wedding receptions, baby christening, birthday parties, First Communion celebrations, anniversaries for you, and we are most pleased with the fact that we often accompany the same people in the most crucial moments in their lives. We are proud that you rely us so we can arrange not just one, but many various celebrations. Paying attention to details and quality makes each order unique and we treat it very individually. Two separate rooms give us many possibilities. The ballroom can accommodate up to 130 guests, giving them the opportunity to dance freely on the dance floor. The intimate hall with a covered terrace is a proposal for events up to 40 guests.


Karolina tel. 797 404 878


A well - integrated team!



We are self-assured in the kitchen. We follow tested recipes and we have no fear of using spices, so the dishes offered by Melodia Hotel have such a unique taste. Traditional dishes of Polish cuisine reign supreme in our menu, but there are so many dishes to choose from that each guest will surely find something special.



High-quality natural ingredients are the basis of good cuisine, so we carefully select them and our garden grows thyme, curly kale, lemon balm ... Modern kitchen equipment gives us amazing opportunities to cook not only tastily but also healthy.



We are reliable! We treat all orders very seriously, regardless of their size, and are always ready on time.